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Ìyá Pittsburgh envisions a world where opportunity, safety, options, and dignity are the perinatal experience, Not limited by socio-economic status, race, or gender. Our mission extends beyond reducing maternal mortality, encompassing comprehensive training programs for birth workers to enhance maternal health outcomes and foster a supportive community. Ìyá Pittsburgh Project provides the funding for BIPOC, Queer, and Trans people to access the perinatal care, education, and training. We aim to support our community and honor the legacy of the Grand Midwife. We support all by elevating the experience of those disproportionately harmed by the perinatal health equity gap.

What do we do with your donations?

At Ìyá Pittsburgh we strive to create new and unique projects that will eliminate the barriers that prevent BIPOC, Q, and T people from receiving  joyful and loving care. We want to change the measure from surviving birth to thriving families.

Some of the projects we have already begun sharing with our community:

  • Free/reduced cost perinatal supply pantry

  • Paying for services that otherwise are not accessible such as home birth or doula care

  • Provide access to books, supplies, and trainings for birth workers

  • Sustainable mentorship and apprenticeship 

  • So much more


How can we help?

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